Sunday, 30 June 2013

FOTD- Feat. The Naked 2 Palette ♡

Hi Dolls! 

I thought I would do a post on the look I wore yesterday. I was in two minds whether to do this post or not but I thought I'd just do it anyway haha! I had one of those days where no picture I took looked good as my makeup didn't show up well at all. Sort of defeats the purpose of an FOTD haha! The eye makeup was a lot darker and more smokey in person yet for some reason it looks completely washed out in the pictures I took. Slightly irritating!

Anyway.. I created an eye look only using colours from my Naked 2 Palette. I was aiming for a shimmery summer-time sort of look with a bronzed complexion. I was pleased with the overall result as it was indeed shimmery.. and for those of you who don't know.. I LOVE shimmer. Haha. 

Hope you guys enjoy this post! I may reattempt it in the future when I have a better camera as it is a gorgeous look and it seems a shame to not show you guys what it looks like in person!


MAC Studio Fix Fluid- nw15
Maybelline Cover Stick- Ivory
Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation - Opal
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder- Transparent
NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzer (Dark side only)
Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer
Benefit Dandelion Blush


Urban Decay Primer Potion
UD N2P- Foxy (Lid to brow)
UD N2P- Tease (transition colour)
UD N2P- Half Baked (Lid colour) 
UD N2P- Snakebite (crease)
UD N2P- Blackout (crease + lower lash line)
UD N2P- Bootycall (Highlight)
Collection- Extreme 24 Hour Felt tip Liner
Loreal Million Lashes Excess Mascara


Carmex Lip Balm
Rimmel Lipstick- Pink Blush
Rimmel Vinyl Gloss- Be Famous

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Do you have any posts of looks you've created with the Naked 2 Palette? If so comment below with a link or two! I'd love to check them out!

Lot's and Lots of Love ♡

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Furry Friend(s) Tag ♡

Aloha Ladies!

This post isn't very beauty/fashion related at all lol. I just really wanted to do this tag! So without further ado.. Meet pig 1 and pig 2 ^_^

('scuse their scruffy appearance.. clearly they've had far too much fun in the hay!)

♡ Q&A time! ♡

1. What is your pets name?

I have two ickle pets called Teddy and Boo. I wanted to call Ted Sebastian or Dave as I found it hilarious. My sister on the other hand wasn't so amused. Believe me.. those two names suit him much better than Teddy.

2. What kind of pet is it and what breed?

They're both Cavies (Guinea Pigs) and they're smooth haired American breeds =) Boo is a Self Lilac red eyed piggie and Ted is a Self Black. I did edit out Boo's red eyes in some of the pictures (below) as the flash made him look like a demon pig lol. They're a sort of subtle ruby shade in person.. not so bright red =)

3. How long have you had your pet friend?

 About 3 months now. I bought them both as a pair so that they could have eachother whilst they settled in. It's good for moral support ;-)

4. How did you get your pet?

Honestly? Pets at Home. Which I know may rattle some of your cages.. But honestly.. They're living creatures and they need a good home too =) There aren't many breeders around where I live and it's not nice sticking two baby piggies in a car for a long drive. And what'll happen to all those poor pet store piggies if no one wants to wuv them?

5. How old is your pet?

Around 5 months old? Maybe less.. not too sure! I'm convinced that Ted is older though.. he's always been a lot bigger and more advanced than Boo.

6. What are some quirky things about your pets personality?

Ted has this complete need to be "top-pig".. So one of his quirks could be that he likes to hump Boo from all angles! (Poor thing!). He's a very bossy little thing and tries headbutting me whenever I stroke his head.. or anywhere really! Moody ickle munchkin. He has calmed down a lot recently though and loves competing for attention! It's funny how characteristic these little animals are. They all have their own little personalities.

 Boo is such a happy little thing haha. He's forever popcorning around and doing flying ninja kicks all over the place! If you don't know what popcorning is I suggest you youtube it.. It is SO UNBELIEVABLY CUTE. It's hilarious when he popcorns in his pig-loo. In the past couple of weeks however, he's not been so mad about jumping everywhere haha! I think the horrible muggy weather makes him a little sluggish!
He's rather greedy too. It's pretty impossible to open the fridge without him wheeking away for a bit of veg! He's a bit of a nutty piggy really and he loves exploring.

7. What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?

I've always been a lover of animals and Guinea Pigs have always been my favourite animal. I love my two Piggies.. they're just so sweet and adorable. Obviously I haven't had tons of time to bond with them as they're very cautious little creatures but I'd be devastated if something happened to either one of them.

8. What are some of your favorite past times with your pet?

I honestly haven't had my Guinea's long enough to have had amazing times with them. They were very timid when we got them and although they're slowly coming out of their shells, they're still not too sure about us humans! Unless it's vegetable time of course- in which case you're their best friend!

I think I would have to say.. my favourite time with both of them would have to be during floor time. I get to bond with them a little during this time and it gives them a little change in scene too. They hate being picked up though so I'm forever being told off by them!

9. What are nicknames that you call your pet?

All sorts of cringey things really.. Baby.. BooBoo.. Squishy.. Munchkin.. It's awkward when you then turn around and someone's behind you staring at you like 'o.O haha! Always happens to me =(

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

And that is all! Haha. Any requests- please feel free to post them below! Thanks for reading! I'll leave you guys with a few photos of my two bubbahs to enjoy ♡ They have bits of hay in their fur from going crazy just before these photos were taken haha! So excuse them being so scruffy! ♡

King of the Cucumber. ♡
Now you see what I meant about the flash! ♡


Special thanks to my sister for kindly holding them whilst they had their photoshoot ;-)

Lots of Love

Monday, 24 June 2013

This or That Tag ♡

Ladies! ♥

I felt like doing a tag for you all today. So here you have it! The super exciting This or That Tag ;-)


Blush or bronzer?

Lip gloss or lipstick?
I'm a lipgloss junkie.. So definitely lip gloss.

Eye liner or mascara?
Mascara :-)

Foundation or concealer?
Ooh.. tricky one.. probably a concealer so that I can have light coverage on parts of my face but still be able to erase my demented dark circles :-)

Neutral or colour eye shadow?
I love neutrals ^_^

Pressed or loose eye shadows?
Pressed I suppose.. I don't have much experience with loose shadows!

Brushes or sponges?
Definitely brushes.


OPI or china glaze?
Honestly? I've not tried either brand. But I'll have to say China Glaze has caught my interest in the past.

Long or short?
Long ;-)

Acrylic or natural?
Au naturel.

Brights or darks?
Brights. Not neons but pastel colours are gorgeous.

Flower or no flower?
If I could be bothered.. flowers.


Perfume or body splash?

Lotion or body butter?
Ooh.. Body butter.

Body wash or soap?
I thought body wash was soap? Unless you mean a soap bar lol. In which case body wash by far.

Lush or other bath company?
Lushhh. Because it's luscious.


Jeans or sweat pants?
Jeans =)

Long sleeves or short?
Long I suppose ;-)

Dresses or skirts?
Dresses.. Although to be fair I'm more of a jeans and top kind of girl.

Stripes or plaid?

Flip flops or sandals?
Sandals.. I have ugly toes so sandals that aren't too revealing please.

Scarves or hats?
Scarves ^_^

Studs or dangly earrings?

Necklaces or bracelets?

Heels or flats?
Flats. I do love heels.. They're just too painful :-(

Cowboy boots or riding boots?

Jacket or hoodie?
I would like to believe I reach for my jacket as it's a lot smarter looking.. The reality is I'm a complete hoodie slob lol!

Forever 21 or charlotte russe?
Forever 21 :-) (never heard of the other one.. probably not a UK thing?)

Abercrombie or Hollister?
 Hollister (never bought anything from Abercrombie)

Saks 5th or nordstrom?
 No idea what they are lol 'o.O please don't tell me I live in a cave haha!


Curly or straight?
Straight.. I like wavy hair but not curly lol.

Bun or ponytail?
Ponytail- Just looks more feminine :-)

Bobby pins or butterfly clips?
Bobby pins.

Hair spray or gel?
Hair spray lol

Long or short?
Long hair :-) on girls anyway lol!

Light or dark?
I don't know.. I like darker hair.. but then again caramel hair has always been super beautiful to me too.

Side sweep bangs or full bangs?
Side sweep :-)

Up or down?
Down with bits pinned up? Or is that cheating? ;-)


Rain or shine?
Shineeee. My mood is dependant on the weather.

Summer or winter?
Honestly? Neither. I love spring and autumn :-)

Fall or spring?
Oh great this one got me lol! Hm.. Probably spring :-) I'll amend the previous question by saying summer ;-)

Chocolate or vanilla?

East coast or west coast?
South! =D just to be awkward.

That's all ladies and dudes! I rather enjoyed doing this post haha! Might do more tags like this in the future ^_^

Lots of Love, ♡

Review | Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Palette ♥

Hello Ladies! 

I bought this palette a while back on pure impulse whilst in Superdrug, and thought I would review it as it is fan-taba-lastic. I also created a super bright eye look whilst testing it a couple of months back so I thought I would add a picture of it in at the end of this post for you guys.

I have heard great things about Sleek's eyeshadow palettes in the past but have never owned one before. I must say.. for the price of the palette you really do get a bargain for your money. I chose the Brights Palette as it just looked so appealing to me. I'm glad I chose it too as it is just amazing.

The palette is rather "sleek" in style and I love the simple yet classy packaging. It came with a little advertising sheet thingie that I just threw into the picture.. because the lady was pretty lol! It is a little tough to open I will admit! So just be careful you don't break a nail or send the palette flying across the room!

List of Colours (Left to right):

First Row:

Second Row:

The colours are so bold.. I just fell in love with them! Which is unusual for me as I swear by neutral palettes and usually play it safe when it comes to make-up. This is just great for party looks and also to spice up your look in the summer.

The palette comes with two transition colours and an off-white highlight. I haven't used the transition colours as I just don't think they suit the other colours very well. Light matte browns are great for transitions. Grey and light pink? Not too sure.

 I do think the grey could still be used as a transition and to blend the other colours together. "Floss" just seems so out of place and I feel like another more vibrant colour should be there instead. I'll try and find uses for it though! Come on Sleek.. We want BRIGHTS! ^_^

Now, these palettes are very good quality considering their price. However they are not the softest shadows I have used. Don't get me wrong they're not rough! You can just tell the difference in texture compared to an eyeshadow from Urban Decay or something of the likes. I suppose some of them are a little chalky in texture? It'd explain why they feel a bit different!

Also, the key is to blend! Some of the shadows (especially the darker blue) can look quite chalky when applied so blending helps to prevent a chalky look by smudging the colour out a little. So blend blend blend as it's quite important!

Ooh.. and it does come with an applicator but it's just one of those standard double ended sponge applicators. I have used it but I just personally prefer to use brushes! It's completely up to you how you choose to apply it. Everybody's different!

A few swatches for you guys! (without any primer):

As you can probably tell, the colours are definitely bright lol. This isn't the most pigmented palette I have owned in the sense that one swatch of the colour won't give you the most vibrant shade. Some colours do pick up better than others but as a whole you do need to apply a couple of layers to achieve a bold shade.

Also, as with many matte eyeshadows there can be a lot of fall out if you're not careful with placing the product and tapping off your brush after picking up product. This isn't an issue for me though as the fall out is easily sorted by using a good old sticky primer.

I find that a great way to make the colours stand out even more is by replacing your primer with a white eye-liner. White primer would work too (the more opaque the better!). The white just allows the colour to "pop" that little bit more. It's better to use this technique if you want a fun and vibrant look.

A look I created a couple of months ago whilst playing around- Inspired by Rihanna Who's That Chick?

Overall I am extremely pleased with this palette. I think it's great for those who want something a little more fun in their makeup collection. I know some parts of this review may have come off a little negative but that's just so you guys know the cons as well as the pros! It is a gorgeous, affordable little palette, and I would recommend it to anyone. You should definitely give it a swatch if you ever stumble across it whilst shopping!

Expect an FOTD soon with this gorgeousness!

Oh and please feel free to leave any requests below! I'm happy to do a post on anything you guys may be interested in. It doesn't have to just be beauty related either!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 16 June 2013

FOTD- Summer Red ♥

Hi dolls!

Well whaddaya know? Exams are all finally over and I hope you're all celebrating freedom as much as I am! My exams were awful and I honestly feel so free and relieved now that they're all over and done with. I apologise for not posting at all.. I did expect to do a few FOTD's here and there but I was so stressed and busy that I didn't want to publish things that were rushed and lazy. Pweez forgive me? :-3 

I recently bought a lovely red lippy from Kate Moss's line at Rimmel and it has definitely become my most favourite lipstick for summer.. so far anyway! Most days I just cannot be bothered doing my entire face up.. especially when it's warmer outside as I just hate the feeling of my face melting! So when I want to keep it simple I find that adding a bright lipstick makes me look as though I've made more of an effort. This is one of my most common day-to-day looks =) I hope you enjoy it ^_^

Face: ♥

Loreal Lumi Magique Foundation- Rose Porcelain
Maybelline Cover stick- Ivory
Vichy Dermablend Foundation- Opal
Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder- Transparent
Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer
Benefit Dandelion Blush
Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Mono Blush- Pink Rose

Eyes: ♥

Collection- Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
Loreal Million Lashes Excess
Too Faced Natural Palette- Heaven

Lips: ♥

Carmex Lip Balm
Rimmel - Kate Moss- Lasting Finish Matte-110

That's all guys! I hope you enjoyed this look ^_^ Feel free to leave any comments below and I will hopefully see you all in my next post!

Lots of Love, ♥