Thursday, 4 December 2014

York | The Shambles.

York is located in North Yorkshire (England) and is a traditional little town with beautiful historic attractions and amazing medieval architecture. It's an extremely popular tourist attraction and it's really not difficult to see why! I love all things old fashioned and traditional to England so as you can imagine I was ecstatic about the visit - especially with it being around Christmas time! The festive decorations really added to the traditional atmosphere.

"The Shambles" is the name of an extremely quaint, medieval little lane full of amazingly detailed old buildings with quirky little shops and tea rooms. It reminds me so much of Diagon Alley (from Harry Potter) and has such an amazing, magical feel to it. It was definitely the highlight of our visit as we'd missed it on a trip earlier this year.

I'm pretty impressed with the photographs to say they were taken on a mobile phone! We had a lovely day wandering the old streets of York and have both fallen in love with The Shambles. I can definitely see us re-visiting numerous times in the future and can't wait to go again sometime soon!