Monday, 1 October 2012

Vichy Dermablend Review

I was so excited to purchase this foundation as I was under the impression that the coverage was flawless and amazing based on reviews I had read. Unfortunately I was not as won over by the product as I expected to be. I tried so hard to love the product as a foundation but unfortunately it just wasn't for me so I'll only be using it as a concealer!

I purchased mine from Boots in Shade 15- Opal which was the lightest colour available in store. I have since seen lighter shades online which may be more suited for those who are really pale as the shade I purchased it in matches my medium/light skin-tone.

The pros of the foundation:
  • Heavy coverage
  • Smooth consistency
  • Dewy Finish
  • A little goes a long way 

The cons:
  • Difficult to set the foundation
  • Cakes very quickly and easily
  • Not ideal for use with brushes and sponges

I would recommend applying the foundation around drier areas of the skin where heavier coverage may be needed as it seems to split with the slightest contact of moisture. However, I do find that using a loose setting powder helps to keep it in place for longer so that is always an option for those wishing to use it over their entire face.

The foundation is not a terrible product, I just found it to be overrated and definitely not worth its price of around £15. That being said, it will definitely be useful in covering up unwanted marks and scars as it provides very heavy coverage. I'm still figuring out the best uses for it so I may create an update post on it in the future!


Sunday, 30 September 2012

Too Faced Natural Eye Rave!

After months of longing for the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette I finally got my hands on it when I received it on my birthday earlier this year, and oh my lawd is it amazing! The colours are perfect and combine together to create many gorgeous glowing looks which really flatter your complexion.

I wouldn't say that many of the colours are "natural" as the majority are very fun and shimmery, so it is probably ideal for those who love dewy looks and don't mind a little glitter fallout! Here are all the colour swatches on my arm:

As you can see the three colours at the bottom of the image are matte in contrast to the shimmery/glittery colours above. Therefore they are ideal for creating looks which are wearable during the day time and are much more suited to school and work make-up.

The palette came with a cute little pocket containing three cards showing how to create different looks combining individual eye-shadows.

 The cards show how to create a Day, Classic and Fashion smokey eye. These cards are ideal for beginners as it provides a step by step diagram on how to achieve the looks and provides an insight as to which colours work best together. Unfortunately, I haven't really taken note of them so I don't quite know which look is the most flattering but I will say that the combination of Silk Teddy and Cocoa Puff creates the perfect nude shimmery look! (with Heaven as the highlight of course) Here's a not-so-great picture of me wearing the look:

The colours are so versatile and you can create so many looks suited to different occasions and seasons. Recently I have been wearing much more copper toned colours due to it being Autumn and I find that the browns really flatter my hazel eyes:

~Created using Honey Pot and Cocoa Puff~

I find that the best thing about "nude" palettes is they can flatter any eye colour and skin tone if used correctly. Therefore I would highly recommend this palette to anyone looking to create the perfect neutral shaded eye.

This was my first ever Too Faced purchase and I can honestly say that I don't know how I didn't buy any of their products sooner! I have my eye on their Natural at Night eye palette and can't wait to get a hold of it!


Welcome to my Blog!

Helloo people of Earth! 

I just created my blog today and I'm super duper excited to get going with it! I've been meaning to create one for a while now but I never really got around to doing it.. until now of course.. so yay for that!

Uhmm.. I will be posting about hair.. make-up and things of the sort so if you're into those sorts of things you might be interested in following me ^_^ I do hope to start a youtube channel asap but unfortunately I'm not able to afford a camera just yet so that'll be on hold for a little while longer.

If anyone has any requests do feel free to request them! Since this is my first post I'll just keep it short and sweet =) I hope you guys enjoy my blog and I'll hopefully get posting soon! Starting with some good old reviews =) bye for now!