Saturday, 26 January 2013

Clothing & Accessories Haul! ❤

Hey guys! ^_^ following on from my beauty haul I decided to do a post on all the clothes and accessories I bought over the past few days. This haul is a little random but I hope you enjoy it all the same! =)

Guns 'n' Roses Tank Top- Primark: £8.00

I rather liked this top. It would go perfectly with a leather jacket, some dark jeans and high boots! Ideal for casual looks and the colours aren't too "out there" so it can also be worn on lazy days!

Laced Shoulder Shirt Primark: £5.00

This is actually very pretty yet casual, and I thought the laced shoulders were a brilliant idea for adding a feminine touch to it! I do like the studded detail, and despite the top being from primark the detailing doesn't look very cheap at all! The sleeves cover over half of your hands (which I love) so it makes painted nails look super pretty :-)

Padded Elbow Cardigan- Primark: £10.00

I know some people don't like padded elbows, but I find it adds more character to the cardigan and therefore jazzes it up just that bit more! It fits me quite snugly and I rather like it :-)

Stretchy Vests- Primark: £2.00 each

Lately I've really been into those chiffon type shirts that everyone loves. However, they do tend to be quite see-through and I don't like the idea of everyone seeing my "bra of the day" so I picked up these two little vests to help me out with the problem :-)

Boots- New Look: £34.99

I've been after some nice boots for a while as my usual converse shoes look a little trampy. Unfortunately most of them had great heels on them which isn't ideal for a girl who walks to work and back everyday! New look had these nice boots going so I decided to pick them up :-) they're wide fitted which is great for the winter as I like to layer my socks up a little :-) They look rather sophisticated too which is always a bonus! ^_^

Anchor Jumper- New Look: £17.99

I didn't realise that this jumper had 3/4 sleeves as it didn't look it on the hanger! It is very pretty though and although no-one else can see the pink lining inside it.. it does look very girly! Perfect for snuggly winter days or nights :-) I just love the free-flowing look of it!

Straight leg jeans- Dorothy Perkins: £15.00

I needed some dark jeans as all of my others have unfortunately seen a little too much love from me. Their colour has been washed out with all the amount of times they've been placed in the machine and they just look a bit scruffy! I thought I'd try out these jeans from Dorothy Perkins as they weren't badly priced and I do like jeans with brown stitching on them :-)

REDUCED- Dorothy Perkins: £5.00

I thought this was a great bargain. Just look at that BEAUTIFUL colour. The sleeves are 3/4 and tighten up halfway down and the back is also longer than the front. Would look gorgeous with a long necklace or neck-scarf and paired up with some lovely boots :-) I'd probably wear a vest underneath though as it does have that whole "ripped-effect" going on!

5 shoe liners- Ankle socks- Primark: 
Tweet Heart, Moustache & Panda Lol socks- Internacionale: 3 for £4
Owl socks- Internacionale: £1.99

Really random I know, but I love cute socks! And since all of mine tend to somehow go missing in the wash.. I did need a few more!

Pink Polka Dot Insoles- Internacionale £2.99

I get blisters and "burnt feet" very easily. And since I just bought some new boots I thought these would help give my feet a little more comfort whilst they get used to them. I do walk a lot so whenever I buy new shoes my feet really feel it; therefore these were sort of a must-have!

Free-flowing Pink Top- H&M: £9.99

This top tightens up a little at the bottom so it might not be one for you if you hate that whole concept! It's labelled as "knitwear" on the receipt but it's not knitted at all so I don't know what you'd have to search for to find it online. I bought it for casual days when I laze about the house in boot slippers and stuff.. suits the whole lazy "carefree" look I think!

Jacket- H&M: £34.99

This looks quite smart. I buttoned it wrong whilst taking the picture so if it looks funny- my bad! lol! It has a floral inner lining which is nice and girly and it is also very shape flattering! The sizings were weird on this though so if you're ordering online beware.. I had to get it 2 sizes bigger than my original size; I'd have gone three sizes bigger if they had the size in stock too! Haha. It is very beautiful though and I'm happy with it :-)

Studded "Weekend" Bag-Primark: £10.00

I was looking for a nice decent sized handbag everywhere! They were either so ridiculously over-priced or just plain ugly! Primark had this big old bag going for JUST £10. Can't really go wrong with that can you? ^_^ its a very good size. There are studs on each of the corners at the bottom of the bag (to balance it when it's on the floor I'm guessing) and it has an adjustable long strap as well as smaller handles you can carry it around with. I'm very happy with this as I could fit a good few items inside it and still have a lot of room. For those who don't like big bags however, this might not interest you very much. I however, love it!

Pink Polka Heart Push-Up Bra & Pants- Primark: £6.00

Some of you may be thinking, "why has this girl got her smalls on show?" Can I just say that my blog is aimed at GIRLS and girls only. I do realise that some guys may come across it but I'm sure everyone's seen ladies underwear at some point in their life! I just wish more people would do underwear hauls as they can be so pretty!

Anywho, I got this matching set from Primark. I don't usually shop there for underwear but the neon pink on this set just caught my eye and I had to buy it! It is so pretty! The back of the undies are laced and look really feminine :-) I do prefer push up bras as they're quite padded and hold everything firmly in place. Overall a cute set I think :-) Also, the tiny little hearts all over it are a gorgeous feature!

Polka Dot Padded Bra & Pants- Primark: £5.00

I don't think this was a push-up set.. it is padded though and I've gotten myself measured professionally so I do buy sizes that offer good support to my shape :-) I liked the colour and detailing on it, and it was quite cheap so why not? ^_^

Padded Parka- Primark: £26.00

It's been awfully cold lately, it's snowed, snowed and snowed some more so I needed an actual coat and not my usual flimsy jacket. I thought this was quite reasonably priced considering how thick and snuggly it is so I bought it :-) I know it doesn't look it in the picture, but it's rather shape flattering and the hood is a beautiful feature ^_^ its a rather big hood too so it's not one of those that only covers half of your head!

Anywho guys! That's my haul over and done with! I hope it was a good read and that you enjoyed it :-) if you have any requests please feel free to post them below! See you soon! <3


Friday, 25 January 2013

Beauty Haul! ❤

Ladiess! (and perhaps gents.. 'o.O) welcome to my first ever beauty haul! I got paid my first EVER wage on the 23rd so of course I just had to go shopping the very same day! Here are all the beauty products I bought! A couple were bought with money I'd received for my birthday so this is more of a monthly collective haul as I'd bought them beforehand.. Anywho.. I hope you find something in here that might take your fancy! All the prices of the products will be listed at the very end of this post. I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

Benefit Dandelion Blush

I've had my eye on this one for some time now! I can't remember which youtube guru I saw applying this.. It could very well have been the lovely miss meghanjessicamarie but I honestly cant remember! This blush is SUPER natural looking but that doesn't mean it doesn't show up. The colour is a beautiful neutral pink that gives you a gorgeous radiant glow! I'm not quite sure if this would work so well on darker skintones as it is quite light but you could always swatch a little instore before buying it. I don't find it to be "brightening" as so many of the reviews have said so I don't think people should use this to highlight their face. However I do recommend this product as it is perfect for everyday looks!

Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder

Now, I initially bought this thinking it was a highlighter.. but apparently it's supposed to be a setting powder which weirded me out a little as its rather shimmery to be applied all over the face. So I have just used it for what I originally thought it was for and highlight my nose, chin, cupids bow, cheekbones and forehead :-) it's very subtle yet buildable; so you don't need to worry about getting carried away easily! I don't have much experience with highlighters as this is the first I've ever owned.. But it seems a pretty cool product.. not to forget the packaging is super cute!

Maybelline Coverstick Concealer (Fair) & Revlon Peach Petal Lipgloss

Both of these are absolutely gorgeous.The concealer actually surprised me as its very creamy and provides good coverage considering it's price! I've longed for Revlons Peach Petal for some time now and honestly, it hasn't disappointed me. The consistency is a little sticky which fortunately I don't mind, but for those of you who don't like that feeling on your lips it might not be one for you.

Essie's Nail-polish in Russian Roulette

Oh my word. Sooo beautiful! I've been after a nice red for a while now (weirdly enough I didn't have a single red in my collection) so I decided to try out an essie polish as I've never owned one of them before. I am not disappointed! The nailpolish is so pigmented and you can easily get away with just one coat! You don't have to wait ages for it to dry and for the amount of typing I do daily, I've not yet had a single chip! Which for me is extremely rare as all of my other polishes chip within at least a day. I love this and will definitely be heading back for more colours!

St Ives Apricot Scrub (sensitive) & Blistex Intensive Lip Moisturiser

I needed a new face wash and whilst in the lovely little land called Boots I spotted the St Ives Apricot Scrub. I've heard a few good reviews about this product in the past so I thought there was no harm in trying out something different from my regular Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub; it was also reduced so I couldn't really go wrong! I've only used it a couple of times but it has definitely made my skin super smooth and hasn't broken me out which is a great bonus! ^_^
I love Blistex. I usually buy the little tub version for everyday moisture but I got a little annoyed with dipping my finger into it constantly and I sometimes found little specks of dust in it which made me feel a little put off. This squeezy tube seemed a great alternative :-) It does initially come out white and resembles face cream, but that wears off as it sinks into your lips and it turns clear and leaves your lips super succulent ;-)

Soap & Glory- Sugar Crush Body Scrub

Well Sugar Crush.. you smell rather scrummy and Sammy of BeautyCrush loves you.. so why not eh?

Urban Decay Baked Bronzer in Baked

Nowww.. when I was in Debenhams looking through the gorgeous shimmery selection of bronzers they had to offer.. I came across Urban Decays bronzer in Gilded and absolutely fell in love with it. Unfortunately however, it was out of stock, so the very helpful makeup artist suggested I tried Baked as I can use it for both bronzing and contouring and she said the shades weren't as dramatically different as they looked in the compact; one just had slight bronze shimmer whilst Gilded had gold shimmer marbled inside it. I do like this bronzer :-) I use it lightly considering its winter but build it up a little under my cheekbones and it gives me a gorgeous glowing look :-) definitely a good purchase. 

Benefit- They're Real! Mascara

My Loreal Volume Million Lashes had been good to me for a long while.. but I decided it was time for a change. I really liked the wand on this mascara as it's not too chunky -unlike my previous mascara- so I figured I'd have less chance of poking my eye every morning with the bristles (ouch!). I LOVE the little spiky tip on the end of this wand as it helps catch the lashes on the inner part of the eye without smudging black everywhere! Overall a great purchase. Separates the lashes and makes them look very bold and defined- which girl doesn't want that?!

~A little sample I received along with my Benefit products~

Superdrug Cosmetic Bag

This little cosmetic bag was so cheap I just had to get it to keep all my make-up together in my handbag! It's rather dinky sized.. but will easily fit in mascara and things of the sort quite comfortably. Quite a handy little purchase!

Mac Hue & ShyGirl

I bought Hue before Shygirl making it my first ever Mac lippy! (what an accomplishment!) I absolutely love both shades, but have to say that ShyGirl is probably my favourite as I prefer the finish of it and I haven't found it to be as drying as Hue. Shygirl is a beautiful peachy coral colour and is a perfect nude for everyday! I think it would suit all skintones as it's very easy to work with. Hue is a very pretty pinky-nude and I really do love it's colour! It's a glaze finish whereas shygirl is a cremesheen which might be why it is less moisturising. However, I do like the product and it works very well for me if I exfoliate my lips and moisturise them before applying it! Very happy with these two products :-)

Mac Cremesheen Glass- Double Happiness

Again, a very pretty colour. It is described on their website as a "frosted light nude" but I find it also has a nice pink tint to it and it looks lovely on my lips. Very glossy and not sticky at all! It doesn't have specks of glitter inside it but I do find it looks nice and shimmery in the tube. However, those of you who don't like glitter need not worry- it's not very noticeable on the lips! I think it just adds to the glossy effect but you can't tell it's shimmery at all once it's on :-) at least I've not noticed it!

Colgate Plax Mouthwash & Colgate Toothbrush

Random I know! But they count as beauty products right? >.< Some stuff to keep the old choppers nice and cleannn! ^_^

Urban Decay- Naked 2 Palette

Haaaaleluuujah-llelujah! OH MY WORD. Finally! I thought I'd save the best until last. Guess who got the naked 2 palette super late? Why, me of course! It was definitely worth the wait! I chose to get the second palette as the colours seemed a lot more cool-toned than the original and I figured they would suit me much better :-) I've heard people complain about the little lipgloss it comes along with but in all honesty I absolutely love it. It smells, tastes and feels nice and minty :-) I adore it. So excited I got this. Oh! and the double ended brush it came with is very handy! I love the blending end! My favourite colour would HAVE to be bootycall. It is gorgeousss. I know it is very popular amongst others too and it does highlight very well! :-) I'm so happy with this purchase! Can't wait to try out tons of different looks with it!

Well guys that's the end of my haul! I hope you enjoyed it and found something you might be interested in :-) I'll leave a list of all the things I purchased below and their prices! I have a clothing haul coming up soon! So keep a lookout for that too! :-) Love from Saraaaa! <3

Benefit Dandelion Blush- Debenhams: £23.50
Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder- Boots: £22.00
Maybelline Coverstick Concealer (Fair)- Superdrug: £4.09
Revlon Peach Petal Lipgloss- Boots: £6.99
Essie Polish- Russian Roulette- Superdrug: £7.99
St Ives Apricot Scrub (Sensitive)- Boots: £2.85
Blistex Intensive Lip Moisturiser- Boots: £2.63
Soap and Glory- Sugarcrush Body Scrub- Boots: £8.00
Urban Decay Bronzer- Baked- Debenhams: £20.00
Benefit They're Real! Mascara- Debenhams: £18.50
Cosmetic Bag- Superdrug: £2.49
Mac Hue- Debenhams: £14.00
Mac ShyGirl- Debenhams: £14.00
Mac Cremesheen Glass- Double Happiness- Debenhams: £17.00
Colgate Plax Mouthwash- Superdrug: £3.29
Colgate Toothbrush- Superdrug: £2.99
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette- Debenhams: £36.00